World's dirtiest Gas Range

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The Gold Man

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Gold teeth, gold chain, gold rings, gold bracelets, what comes next?

Tattoos are great when they are done by artists. This collection, not like any other tattoos (like tatoos on faces), is really unique and amazing, I have never seen tattoos like these before, and I can say i like them! Check them out, maybe you will change your mind and get yourself a brand new 3D tattoo:
3D tattoo
3D tattoo

3D tattoo
3D tattoo
3D tattoo
3D tattoo
3D tattoo
3D tattoo

7 Cool Spy Camera Devices

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1. Spy micro camera watch

If you haven't noticed it in the picture above, it's tucked neatly into the figure '2', so we reckon it'd be practically impossible for someone to notice what you're up to.

The camera records in AVI format to the generous 2GB of internal storage in 352x288 resolutions, which should just be enough to make out the details on blueprints to secret underground lairs. You transfer this off via mini-USB, which also charges the device, though we're not sure exactly how long it'd last.

The price of the watch I don't believe it's so high, just 236$. You can buy it from brando.

2.Spy cigarette lighter

This discreet smart metal lighter is actually a digital camera capable of holding more then 100 pictures. It's a non functioning lighter, so don't try to use it in front of smokers.

Brickhousesecurity is the place where you can order at the price of 82.60$.

3.Chewing Gum Spy Camera
The chewing gum sized spy camera is a really cool gadget that fits in to a chewing gum wrapper to keep it hidden. It has a one touch record button which allows you to quickly snap pictures or start the camcorder rolling to grab that evidence you need.

Video is recorded on to a 1GB Micro SD card in 3gp format which can record 15 frames per second with 33 hours of recording storage. The battery is charged via USB which also allows transfer of video files. As well as recording video the camera can be used as a USB mass storage device. The lens is a 3.6mm wide angle allowing some pretty good capture.
You can grab yours from Spycatcheronline

4.Tie spy camera
This might be what you are looking for if you are a business man in suit and you want to catch some interesting action in the office or in a meeting!

5.Spy pen camera

This quite discrete “secret agent pen” features a built-in 1GB flash memory and it is capable or recording almost 3 hours of video with audio.


* Rubber Finger Grip
* Universal Replaceable Ink Cartridge
* Easy USB Charging/ Transfer
* Internal Flash Memory: 1GB
* Improved CMOS sensor
* White Balance Adjust
* Focus Range: 150mm~Infinity
* Format: MPEG4 -AVI
* Frame Rate: 15fps
* Capture Resolution: 352×288
* Audio Format: 128kbps PCM Audio
* Power Source: USB Charging -Internal Battery
* Built In Microphone: Max Audio Range 10 Meters
* Dimension: 148mm (L) x 16mm (Diameter)


6.sunglasses spy camera
If you want to walk and record almost exactly what you see with your eyes, these sunglasses are the perfect choice. They have built-in DVR and equipped with 2GB internal memory or equal to 5 hours Of recording.

Spy Sunglasses Gadget Specification

* Capture one-of-a-kind moments, evidence, or surveillance footage
* High resolution 320×240 image
* Easy connection to any computer, no driver needed
* One-touch controls built-into the sunglasses
* Wireless design for on-the-go recording
* Built-in DVR for easy recording to the internal memory
* Camera lens does not glow belt spy camera

Camouflaged as an inconspicuous belt buckle the MINOX Belt Camera enables videos to be taken without being noticed. The micro-optics are perfectly concealed on the front of this ingenious camera, allowing undercover surveillance to be recorded inconspicuously in 3GP format. The controls are arranged on the underside of the buckle and are within easy reach.

You can purchase is from payworxx for the price of 229$.

Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis! Wow!! This is the longest word that i have ever read in my life and the longest word in the english dictionary. It's a lung disease also known as "black lung" caused by breathing in fine silica dust found inside dead volcanoes. The disease causes the person to cough up black phlegm and blood.

I personally hate face tattoos, I would never get a tattoo on my face, but some people like it, it's their own decision. Some of them are pretty funny too, so enjoy them!

And..the only woman in here!

The Bird illusion

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First of all just read out loud what you see in this triangle. After that read more about this illusion:

Cool trick! when you read, did you double the "the" ? Most of us do. I personally thought it was only one "the". You can try fooling out your friends by writing down a paper something like this. Very funny!

With Burj Dubai almost finalized, Saudi Arabia, Kuweit, and United Arab Emirates started the fight for supremacy. At first, Burj Dubai was tought impossible, but now, Kuweit comes with another challenge : Mile Tower (1609 m). It's estimated the cost of Mile Tower could reach 10 billion dollars.
mile tower

About EarthGuide

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This blog is about sharing and posting amazing and incredible pictures and movies from allover the world, interesting things that you have to know for your own culture, useful things to do in your daily life.

You can find tips for improving your way of life, health and how to do things better.
If you would like to see something on this blog you can contact me via send us tips

I hope you will relax, have fun and learn something useful on this blog!

Have a great day!

I think they don't..

Worst way to transport cows

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This way of transportation is beyond anything that I have ever imagined. Hope I'll never get to see something like this again! Poor cows

Chinese food specialties

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If you are sick of eating every day your same old regular food, maybe you should try something new, a different type of food, that actually makes me throw up only when I look...How can they eat something like this?

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