Peter Petrie Egg Separator

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If you like to cook, you are using eggs and you want to separate them, you must have one of these:the Peter Petrie Egg Separator I think it is kind of funny to use, even if some people find it disgusting. You can purchase your own from Here

Peter Petrie Egg Separator

Burj Dubai Opening Video

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Evolution of the Computers Funny

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Linkwithin offered me today a great solution to a thing that I wanted to improve on my blog: a widget that shows related posts from the blog archive under each post, with thumbnails too! I think it's a very useful widget for blogs because:

It Doesn't Let Your Past Stories Go to Waste

Increases The Pageviews

Blend-in with the Design

So, what you waiting for? Check LinkWithin for a free and easy to install widget.

Fat Guy Jumps Ice

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