WTF White man - brown skin

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white man brown skin

World's dirtiest Bus

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I've never seen in my life a bus that dirty, and with people staying in it.I don't know what is the cause of that mess, maybe they don't have where to throw it. Nothing seems to bother them tough, look like they are used to the dirt in the bus. People in there look relax, and they know why, because they're riding the World's Dirtiest Bus!

Jail in Brazil in pictures

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This photos showing prisoners in a jail in Brasil are a proof that the system is not up to the expectations. There are more that 2 prisoners for a place in jail, maybe more, as shown in the images. Hard times for the inmates, but there's nothing they can do, just sleep on the floor, and with one's head to the other's feet.

The probability that two bullets to collide in the air is very very small, yet it happened; in world war 2, in the Crimea peninsula in the war between France and Russia, back in 1854. It's a great discovery and very rare, i don't know if there is one more piece like this in the whole world.

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I've browsed a while to find a photo of Rihanna beat up and I have to say that she really has serious wounds, i don't know what was in Chris Brown's head, i think he will be in serious trouble. Here is the photo of Rihanna beat up, hope she will recover soon and be back in business!

photo of Rihanna beat up by chris Brown

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After 12 years of corn rows, Allen Iverson finally decides to cut his hair before tonight's All Star Game. It will take sime time until we will get used to him like this, but anyways he is still a great champion, role model, superstar for millions of fans.[via]

Allen iverson cut his hair

Allen Iverson cut his hair


Life of a blogger

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Another good article about what a truly addicted blogger is doing in everyday's life.

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