Another big project may be under way in Dubai, but this time I think it will be the biggest ever! It's called Ziggurat and they say that it is completely carbon neutral; what is incredible is that Ziggurats were built way back in time: in the fourth millenium BC as temple towers of the ancient Mesopotamian Valley. The structure is almost the same, wich means people that times were very ingenious in constructions.
I'm thinking if they say that it cand hold up to 1 million inhabitants, and the population of the United Arab Emirates is 5,4 million, who is gonna live there? Maybe rich foreigners from all over the vorld, we'll have to wait and see.
As shown in the picture, they will also need to create an enviroment that is not exactly like in the desert, but as we see, in /dubai everything is possible.

The similarities between a future Ziggurat and a very very old one :

via :world architecture news

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